DNS Champion

For a faster, more secure and private internet experience

What is DNS Champion?

DNS Champion is a program that simplifies the process of being able to connect to public DNS servers.

Faster website browsing

Most of the times you will experience faster website browsing when using this software

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More secure internet connection

Some public DNS servers will analyze the website request before you connect to the website, and will not display the website if it is a malware website.

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More private internet connection

Some public DNS servers include no logging of the website you visit.

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Family or Office Friendly

Some public DNS servers will help you create a family friendly or office friendly internet connection.

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Extra Features

Some public DNS servers include extra features, like a dashboard for complete website blocking and logging, which would be great for an office enviroment. Their are also some public DNS servers that will block ads as well.

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Always Free

All of the public DNS servers included in the program are free to use, and the program is also free.

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You can learn more, or download the program and watch the video tutorials

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